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Sustainability Adventure Programs Abroad | Open Applications


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Experience is Education

We are The GREEN Program. We travel with graduate and undergraduate students to Peru, Philadelphia, and Iceland to explore best practices in sustainability from world leaders and earn transferrable credit. 
As a Villanova student, you are eligible for our Back to School Special worth $200 off of your deposit, if accepted, until August 30th. 

Enrollment is now open for our Winter and Spring programs in Peru and Iceland.
The GREEN Program Peru
Water Resource Management + Sustainability
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola
2 Academic Credits
Through recent years, Peru has overcome hardships with water sanitation and flourished with their water resource management and sustainable practices. Join The GREEN Peru Program to discover how Peru utilizes methods from the Inca Empire and modern day technologies for water initiatives and a sustainable future. This program is accredited by Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola with a transcript for 2 transferrable academic credits. The GREEN Peru Program is created for motivated students who are on a mission towards global water stewardship and sustainability solutions.
The GREEN Program Philadelphia
Sustainable Design and Urban Regeneration
Philadelphia University
College of Architecture and the Built Environment
This 9-day, high impact exploration will provide a crash course through the M.S. in Sustainable Design program at Philadelphia University, which was developed by a group of the country’s top sustainability practitioners and experienced sustainability professors. We chose Philadelphia for this program, because it is the quintessential American City in terms of post-recession recovery and response. The millennial population is growing; the suburbs and urban areas are battling for talent and population; and the public and private space bear the challenge for (re)developing spaces with imbued historical legacy. 
The GREEN Program Iceland
Renewable Energy + Sustainability
Reykjavik University
Iceland School of Energy
Discover Iceland’s innovation in renewable energy, dive into authentic Nordic culture, and participate on adventure excursions you never even realized you wanted to have on your bucket list. This program is accredited by Reykjavik University’s Iceland School of Energy for 1.5 transferable academic credits (or 3 ECTs). Gain a comprehensive understanding along with a personal familiarity of the science and technology behind renewable energy systems: hydroelectric, geothermal, wind power, and biofuels. Attain a clear grasp of cost analyses and environmental impact of renewable energy production facilities in historical, present and future context. 




Devin Smith  

Villanova University / Environmental Science /
Iceland Summer Renewable Energy 2014
GREEN Program Ambassador 2015

"I plan to pursue a career incorporating sustainable practices into the business world. The Green Program, focused on renewable energy through the eyes of industry leaders and energy companies, would be a phenomenal opportunity to take a quick, deep dive into sustainable practices as well as create an important relationship network.  As I discover my exact career path, merging renewable energy innovation and business enterprise is a fascinating direction.
    I am excited to participate in a program that incorporates classroom as well as hands on learning. The Green Program is a perfect opportunity to further my environmental education and leadership skills. I am an eager and adventurous student who loves trying new things.  I have been given numerous leadership opportunities, ranging from captainships on past sports teams to the leadership class I am currently enrolled in as part of the Honors Program at Villanova University. I plan to extend this leadership later in life, creating change and a positive impact on the environment. The Green Program would be a great place for me to start that journey."








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