Thursday, September 3, 2015

LSA Chemistry - University of Michigan

Graduate Study - University of Michigan

The Chemistry graduate program at the University of Michigan is highly interdisciplinary and covers traditional areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as emerging areas at the interface with Applied Physics, Material Science, Medicine, Engineering and Science Education.  Students in the U-M Chemistry graduate program come from a wide range of backgrounds.  Our graduate curriculum combines courses that provide a solid foundation in the core areas of Chemistry as well as advanced courses tailored to specialized interests.  Our graduate students participate in a unique research rotation system, providing the opportunity to try out different areas of Chemistry before choosing a research mentor.  Following the choice of a research group, our students work as part of interdisciplinary teams that often include students and researchers from a broad range of other programs.

Our graduate program provides support (including family health and dental insurance) through a combination of sources to students during their first year.  During subsequent years, graduate students in good standing generally receive financial support, including summer salary and family health and dental insurance, through their mentor's grants. There are also opportunities to participate in a number of different training grants and teaching opportunities.  You will find detailed information on our web site, which we invite you to explore at

Corey Stephenson
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair, Recruiting Committee
930 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI
Phone : 734-615-9852

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