Thursday, November 5, 2009

Utilizing Synchronous Tools in Online Courses

From Rich Wack, Instructional Technology Analyst, UNIT:

I invited a colleague from Drexel University to conduct a presentation which he performed at the recent Northeast Blackboard/WebCT Users Group Meeting at LaSalle University. I think that Villanova faculty will find this session very informative. Dr. Scheuermann brings a teacher’s perspective and places emphasis on the pedagogical applications for this technology. I am advertising this event through the normal channels however if possible, I would appreciate it if you could bring it to the attention of the Deans and Chairs. The event information is listed below, registration is required through the Campus Events System.

If demand exceeds the room’s capacity, we can switch it to a larger venue (e.g.: the Cinema).

Event Description

"Anytime-Anywhere" is a marketing phrase to entice students to consider taking online courses. Unfortunately, that very phrase also eliminates the opportunity for online course facilitators to include mandatory (or even optional) synchronous course elements and strategies in their teaching and learning initiatives.

This session will focus on a rich exchange of information relative to synchronous course element strategies, successes, challenges, and failures.


Dr. Michael E. Scheuermann, Associate Vice-President for Instructional Technology Support at Drexel University.

Location Information:

Villanova University Main Campus - Connelly Center, Devon Room

Contact Information:

Richard Wack, (610) 519-6738,

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