Thursday, November 5, 2009

US EPA P3 Program

From the EPA:

We are announcing a unique grant opportunity for your department’s faculty and students - EPA’s P3 - People, Prosperity and the Planet - Program. Through this design competition, student teams and their faculty advisors apply for $10,000 grants to design scientific, technical, and policy solutions to sustainability challenges in the developed or developing world.

The challenge addressed by these projects can be in any of these areas:

  • energy,
  • built environment,
  • materials & chemicals,
  • agriculture, or
  • water.

Past P3 teams have explored more efficient ways to produce biofuels, developed simple water treatment technologies for developing communities, produced a technology to measure real-time energy use in buildings, reduced hazardous substance use in laboratories through improved information and purchasing practices, designed and built an educational “learning barge” for the Elizabeth River, VA , and designed an innovative system for the bioremediation of agricultural chemicals.

Teams use the $10,000 grants to design and develop their projects throughout the 2010/2011 school year. Then in the spring of 2011, all teams will come to Washington, DC, to compete for EPA’s P3 Award at the 7th Annual National Sustainable Design Expo. The students’ projects will be evaluated by a panel of experts convened by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in all relevant fields, including sustainability. EPA will use these recommendations to choose the P3 Award winners who will be eligible for an additional grant up to $75,000 to further develop their designs, implement them in the field, and take them to the marketplace.

Applications are due by January 5, 2010.

Visit our Web site for more information and to view the P3 program videos:

For information about this request for applications go to:

For basic information go to:

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