Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Full and part-time openings at JRFA

JRFAmerica has both full-time and part-time positions in their Residue Chemistry Laboratories in King of Prussia, PA. They are located on the Arkema Technical Campus at 900 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA. (Near the King of Prussia Mall and Valley Forge)

I. Student Technicians: a part-time position

The starting salary would be $15 to $17 per hour and would be dependent upon experience level and available time slots. Currently we are looking for daytime hours (our starting time is 8 AM to 5 or 6PM daily).

Duties would include: Log-in of residue / tissue samples; some sample processing (using a Hobart food processor or equivalent; some assistant work in wet chemistry techniques (maceration of tissues using a Tissumizer or reflux extractions + clean-up of the sample extract using SPE cartridges or other techniques + derivatization for some compounds + final dilutions). Following the wet chemistry portion, the technician will be able to see how to operate (and if they are at a high skill level) and possibly participate in HPLC or UPLC – MS/MS detection and metabolite identification techniques.

II. Chemists: Typically 1-3 years of experience

Duties would include: Trace analysis for residues in plant and animal tissues; air and water samples; soil samples. Development and validation of analytical methodology to detect trace level (ppb or ppt) of one of more analytes in various complex matrices. Ability to review and understand existing methodologies, prepare protocols, work under regulated conditions (USEPA GLP; FDA GLP; OECD GLP). Candidates to have some instrumental analysis experience. HPLC-MS/MS is a plus. Salary is open based upon the experience of the candidate.

Both positions provide excellent opportunities for new chemists to get industrial experience in trace analysis. Please contact Dr. Amanda Grannas if you are interested.

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