Tuesday, April 13, 2010

University of Notre Dame launches a new Master’s Degree Program –ESTEEM – a one year accelerated master’s degree program

Notre Dame has launched an exciting, new master’s degree program for science, computer science, math and engineering graduates.  This program is designed for students who do not intend to pursue a Ph.D. in their field.   It offers them a way to apply their undergraduate science or engineering background to the high technology business sector instead.  ESTEEM (Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master) is an innovative one-year accelerated master’s degree program developed jointly by the College of Science, the College of Engineering and the Mendoza College of Business to address the many challenges engineering and science graduates encounter in today’s high technology business world.  Focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and product development, the program is designed to help students translate their quantitative skills to the high technology arena.  For details, please visit the ESTEEM website at http://esteem.nd.edu/

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